Elegant Curtain Call Destiny 2


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curtain call destiny wiki curtain call is a legendary rocket launcher curtain call can be dismantled to generate glimmer gunsmith materials and legendary shards this item is likely to e from consistent sources such as loot drops or store purchases the primary source is from vanguard tactician engrams given to curtain call vs raid rocket launcher destiny 2 message for destiny 2 on the playstation 4 a gamefaqs message board topic titled "curtain call vs raid rocket launcher " how do i curtain call • r destiny2 reddit wel e to r destiny2 rules no spamming be respectful to others no use of explicit racist obscene or vulgar language images or messages read the faq before posting any questions curtain call destiny 2 wiki guide exotic weapons walkthroughs exotic armor classes worlds crucible and more vanguard tactician engram destiny 2 wiki d2 wiki this faction engram is obtained by increasing a character s reputation with the vanguard faction the attack or defense values of the items into which the engram decrypts will be equal to the player s highest possible base power level with a hard cap of 330 classical 42 vs curtain call vs sins of the past destiny2 sins is your best for of situations curtain call is best for burst with a rallying barricade or reload rift this is due to its higher refire rate firing about faster than sins when coupled with a barricade


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